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Our company C.S.T. valve solutions, s.r.o., represent manufacturers that secures special or atypical production based on customer requirements, requiring extensive knowledge and experience in the area of valves designed especially for application in power plants, energy and chemical operations, and for various applications concerning the transport of hydro mixtures in a design according to EN, DIN, API, ANSI, GOST. Specifically, these are regulation, reduction, closing, securing, and non-return valves, possibly other elements (swing check valves, ball valves, filters, apertures, etc.).
We offer:
  • Warranty service
  • Customer service
  • Furthermore, we secure repairs and renewals of used valves, including testing and issuing a test protocol. The repairs are focused especially on repairs of functional areas, ensuring tightness of the closure, external valve tightness and required function, possibly on production of new parts designed for replacement
  • We also perform modifications of serially produced valves according to the customer’s wish for reason of expansion of their usability (modifications of sealing areas of flanges, replacements of sealing elements for various environments and media, possibly replacements or modifications of functional areas of closing elements for reason of changing the material or shape geometry)

Service definition:
  • Service of valves in manufacturer production area removal of the valves into all spares, cleaning, changing of necessary spare parts/gaskets, reparing of the sealing faces, re-assembly of the valves, pressure testing and exposing of pressure test certificates followed by delivery back to customers)
  • Service of valves on site removal of the valve from pipe/if possible, reparing of sealing faces (grinding, lapping), changing of gaskets, re-mounting into pipe line.